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At RESH Salon &Spa, we’re dedicated to caring and nurturing hair so that it can remain healthy and vibrant through bitter winter months and humid summers. Whichever texture category your hair falls into — Posh, Fierce, Chic, or Glam; RESH creates products that are specially designed to revive hair to¬† its glory!


RESH’s Eco-Lux, For Him, and Lil’ Diva lines are a mixture of eco-friendly ingredients chosen to revitalize hair and is made by salon owner’s Michael and Sherell Flagg. Each line has shampoo, conditioner, and finishing products that are crafted to nourish and replenish scalp and tresses alike.

The Eco-Lux product line is fashioned for every woman; sulfate-free shampoos that cleanse the scalp, conditioners that sustain hair’s vitality and strength, and a moisturizer that keeps hair from drying out.

For guests searching for masculine hair products, For Him is exactly what is needed.

In addition to shampoos and conditioner, RESH also provides Nite Wear which includes satin rollers, pillow cases, hair bonnets and wraps used to protect hair during the night.

Our staff is dedicated to giving each guest a personalized journey to their hair’s Shangri-La, a place of harmony and bliss for each strand!

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