Color, Color, Color

More and more we see people color their hair in hues of pinks, purples, and blues, and grays. But with great colors come great responsibility. The key to having healthy colored hair is to keep strands moisturized.


Dasch Polanco of Orange Is The New Black
Dasch Polanco of Orange Is The New Black

Artificial dyes and chemicals can wreak havoc on hair causing hair to become brittle which can lead to breakage. RESH provides moisturizer, Amoure to moisturize and protect strands from adverse side effects of hair dyes.

Trend Alert: Edgy Pixie Cut

Keke Palmer sporting a new hair cut.

Celebs such as Keke Palmer, Scarlett Johansson, and Kristen Stewart  have all taken the plunge and have gone for shorter, edgier haircuts. With such a daring new style it is imperative that strands stay in place!  If you have or if you are considering a hair cut such as this, the RESH Smooth Wax Stick is a must!